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The Bluegrass Gospel Hour - Monday Mornings at 6:30am!

Bluegrass Gospel Hour on WJCE The Juice

The Bluegrass Gospel Hour started in July of 2008 and is hosted by John Sentell. The BGGH's home station is WWOV 101.1 FM in Wheeling, WV, hone to The Wheeling Jamboree. BGGH's home church is Fellowship Baptist Church in Vienna, WV which operates Praise FM, WVVW, which is where The BGGH was born. Praise FM can be heard in the Mid Ohio Valley on 96.1 FM in Marietta, OH, 98.1 FM in Vienna, WV, Parkersburg, WV & Belpre, OH & 107.9 FM in Williamstown, WV. Bluegrass Gospel Hour can be heard from Maine to Alaska and is also proud to be apart of The United States Armed Forces Radio Network and is in a total of five countries.

Their main goal is to tell others about Jesus Christ through bluegrass music and for us, bluegrass music is a way to help melt stress away. They try to help create a "bubble" around circumstances that can cause someone to be down and tell a positive message and with the help of bluegrass music. Bluegrass Gospel Hour hopes to help melt that stress away and play a song that is the very song with the very message you needed to hear. Times are hard for so many people and maybe the bluegrass music will be able to help block stress and worries and help brighten your day.

WJCE - The Juice is proud to feature The Bluegrass Gospel Hour's syndicated radio show each Monday morning from 6:30am to 7:30am EST.

The Highwaywoman Radio Show - Tuesday Mornings at 6:30am!

The Highwaywoman Radio Show with Brigitte London is a one-hour syndicated show going on it's tenth year of programming and features the best in Americana, Roots Country, Outlaw Country Music and features interviews with artists ranging from Independent emerging songwriters to country music legends. The Highwaywoman, Brigitte London, is a touring songwriter with nine albums to her credit, the co-founder of Outlaw Magazine and an advocate for Independent music.

WJCE - The Juice proudly presents the Highwaywoman Radio Show on Tuesday Mornings at 6:30am.

The Jason Curtman Show - Wednesday Mornings at 6:30am!

Who is Jason Curtman?

I moved to southern New Mexico on June 1st, 2011!  I have to tell you,  I love it here.  Living in the Tularosa Basin is like living in paradise...or pretty near close to it.

I was born in St. Louis, Missouri.  When I was only 7 years old my dad (a pastor) moved us into Yankee territory (Swartz Creek, Michigan) where I and my 2 brothers and 2 sisters were raised.  To make a long story short, I returned to Missouri when I was in my early 20's where I worked in security, retail, and private investigations for several years.  I later went to work as a county sheriff's deputy and a municipal police officer.  I ended the last four years of my  "crime-fightin'" career as a police chief.

At the close of my career,  my wife and I decided to move and start fresh in the west!  We moved to Alamogordo with few dollars, a rented truck , two energetic boys, and a snappin' little dog that we call Luci!

I work during the day in a management position for a Fortune 500 company and on the weekend and various other times, your's truly can be found live on the air hosting,  "The Jason Curtman Show!"

WJCE - The Juice proudly presents The Jason Curtman Show on Wednesday mornings from 6:30am-7:30am EST.

The Last Honky Tonk Music Series Radio Show - Wednesday Mornings at 7:30am!

The Last Honky Tonk Music Series Radio Show is  a one hour program hosted by The Highwaywoman, Brigitte London and features artists of the Last Honky Tonk Music Series. The Last Honky Tonk Music Series is a historic Roots Music Series featuring National Artists performing in Official Venues on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis, depending on the venue. From small Honky Tonks to large outdoor Arenas, shows vary in size and structure with solo acoustic performances and full band shows featuring artists in the roots country, southern rock, blues, folk, americana, outlaw country and bluegrass genres who are committed to bringing authentic and powerful show performances to audiences of all sizes, cultures and creeds, using music to inspire connection and unity. The Series hosts multiple theater shows and festival events across the country.

Tune in to WJCE - The Juice each Wednesday morning at 7:30am to listen to The Last Honky Tonk Music Series Radio Show!

The Rowdy Radio Show - Thursday Mornings at 6:30am!

The Rowdy Radio Show originated in Austin, TX when Rowdy Tijmes decided to air outlaw country music over airwaves due to the lack of "real country music" being played on radio. The show ended up being one of the most listened to radio shows and then Rowdy started putting on concerts around the country with some of the most influential bands in country music. Today, you can listen to the most aired syndicated outlaw country radio show!

Tune in to WJCE - The Juice every Thursday morning at 6:30am EST to the #1 syndicated Outlaw Country radio show, the Rowdy Radio Show, and get your day started out right!

The Morning Mix - Friday Mornings at 6:30am!

The Morning Mix is hosted by the creator of WJCE - The Juice, Nick Harrison. Nick hosts the morning show each Friday morning at 6:30am EST. Nick talks about the latest bluegrass news, music news, artist news, and more. He also features new bluegrass, folk, and country songs that will hit the rotation the following week.

Join Nick each Friday morning for the internet radio show that is bound to get your weekend started off the right way!

Nick Harrison LIVE! - TBD

Nick Harrison LIVE on WJCE - The Juice

Nick Harrison is the one and only creator of WJCE - The Juice. He is the brains behind the madness. Nick chooses the music and program setup of the radio station and is usually not live on the radio. However, on rare occasions, Nick will go live and talk about music, current events, news, and more! Nick will announce the upcoming live shows before they happen so you can be sure to tune in to hear him live!